Shopping in Tokyo/in Japan

Tips for Shopping in Tokyo/in Japan

Find Most Appropriat Place for Shopping in Japan

Buy daily
Go to supermarkets,
discount shops,
100 yen shops
There are two types of
supermarkets: expensive
one and reasonable one.
Find out the latter by
referring this web site.
There are supermarkets
selling clothes(undergarment)
and chinawares/kitchen
Buy electric/electronic appliances Go to electric/
electronic appliances discount shops
They sell appliances
goods at discount price.
Get Point Card there to save
another 10-15 percent.
Go to supermarkets
and drug stores
Find drug stores selling
confectionary at discount
Convenience stores sell
them at regular price
Buy sanitary
goods and cosmetics
Go to drug stores They sell sanitary goods,
and cosmetics at discount
Buy something quickly Go to convenience stores They sell drinks, bread,
milk, confectionary,
undergarment,box lunch,
newspaper & magazine,
toilet articles, etc.
But prices are not discounted
They usually open 24
Buy chinawares/kitchen utensil Go to supermarkets
or pottery shops
To buy high quality one,
go to department stores or
pottery shops(Setomonoya).
For expnsive one, go to
department stores.
Buy Box Lunch Go to convenience stores, Box Lunch
Many restaurants offer
Box Lunch at reasonable
Buy alcoholic
Go to supermarkets,
liquor discount shops
General discount shops and
electronic/electric discount
shops sell alcoholic drinks.
Buy clothes Go to supermarkets with clothes section,
clothes discount shops
Go to department stores
at the time of discount sale
(in March, in Summer, on

Get Various Items at One Place

Th most appropriat one is large supermarkts.
The scond one is department stores, but prices are high than other stores.
However, it is possible to take advantage of five percent discount by obtaining
their card membership.
They have discount sales on the discount sales floor, so make sure what kinds
of discount items are available on the occasion of your visit to department stores.

Department Stores/Major department Stores in Tokyo
: Mitsukoshi, Keio, Isetan, Odakyu, Takashimaya, Seibu,
Toubu, Hankyu, Hanshin

Info. on Japanese Department Stores

Electric/Electronic Discount Stores/General
Discount Shops

These shops offer various items, not only electric/electronic appliances but
also clothes, sports goods, toys, etc. It is recommended to go first the
discount shops before going to department stores.

Shopping Complexes

For clothes and cosmetics, there are shopping complexes in downtown
areas in cities. Usually, they have restaurants and coffee shops.

Shopping Complexes in Ginza, Tokyo/ Phone number and business
hours with map

Daily Necessaries

Supermarkets/Various foods(vegetables, processed foods, fruits,etc),
Drinks,Toilet articles, Sanitary goods, Ceremics and other kitchen
utensils, Underwares, Casual clothes,etc.

Info. on Japanese Supermarkets

Convenience Stores/Milk & other drinks, Breads, Books, Box
lunches, Toilet articles, etc./ Open 24 hours

Info. on Japanese Convenience Stores

"100 YEN" Shops/Daily necessaries, almost all kinds of commodities/
Daiso's 100Yen Shop, 100 Yen Shop at Shibuya, three minutes walk from
Shibuya Station
100yen Store/ Minami-azabu, Two minutes walk from Hiroo Subway Station

Info. on Discount & 100 Yen Shops/ about 100 Yen Shop

Drug Stores/Toilet articles, Sanitary goods, Medical drugs,
Confectionary, Soft drinks, etc./
You can find them at nearby shopping streets. They sell toilet articles
and other sanitary goods at discount price.

Drug Store

Mastumoto-kiyoshi : a famous drug store chain in Japan


What's a Japanese Convenience Store Like?

Drug Store in Japan

Electronic, Electric,Computer and Audio Equipments/

Electronic, Electric Discount Stores/
It is suggested to go to:
Yodobashi Camera
Bic Camera
Sakuraya, etc.-

It is not necessary to go to Akihabara to buy electric/electronic
equipments/appliances, as there are discount stores in Shinjuku,
Shibuya and Ginza areas of central downtown Tokyo.

Click here for the stores' information:
Electronic, Electric Discount Stores

Supermarkets/Cleaners, Heaters, Batteries, etc/available items are limited.

Note: When you buy electronic/electric appliances in Japan, you should
keep in mind the following.

Voltage: Voltage in Japan is 100 volts, so products for domestic market
are produced to adopt the voltage. Usually, export items have a voltage switch.

Shape of plug: Appliance for local use has a plug for the local

Shape for domestic use in Japan

DVD Player: DVD Players for Japanese market are manufactured
to accept the DVD disks sold in Japan.

Cameras and Photograph Goods/Relatd Services

Elecronic,Electric Discount Stores/
Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, Sakuraya,etc.
Quick Photo Development Stores
You can find such stors which provide quick development
& printing services.

Discount Stores

Discount Stores Handling Various Items/

Takeiya at Okachimachi, in Tokyo
Donki at Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara in Tokyo

Info on Discount Shops-General- in Tokyo

Elecronic,Electric Discount Stores/
Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, Sakuraya, etc.

Furnitures Discount Stores
Takeiya at Okachimachi, Tokyo

Sack coats and other men's wares Discount Stores/
A well known shop: Aoki

"100 YEN" Shops
Info. on Discount Shops in Tokyo

Kitchen Utensils

Supermarkets/availabl at reasonable price

Shops at KAPPABASHI DORI (the kitchenware wholesale district)
in Tokyo/ at discount price/Bowls, cups, plates,chopsticks, lacquerware,
kitchen nives, pots and pans, plastic food samples, etc.

Access: 5 minites walk from Tawaramachi Station , Ginza Subway
Line, or 15 minites walk from Asakusa Station, Ginza Subway Line

Kappabashi Market/Shopping information with pictures
Kappabashi Street/Shopping information on the street with pictures
Plastic Food District/Plastic foods at Kappabashi

Plastic food samples:


Department Stores/ Expensive than other shops, but with high quality

"100 YEN "Shops/at discount price

Buy watch and replacement of battery

To get watch, go to the following shops.They have various brands and
types of watches.
Do not buy it at department stores and watch shops, as it is expensive
than other shops.

Electronic/electric appliance discount shops
General discount shops

To replace the battery of your watch, go to the electronic and
electric appliance discount shops. It costs 800-900yen.

Japanese Souvenir/Craft /Antiques and Hobby Items

Confectionary: Macha Sweets/Japanese Green Tea Sweets

Macha is the powdered green tea.
There are a lot of Macha sweets here in Japan.
They are very popular among visitors as souvenir.
You can buy them at convenience stores, super markets,
discount stores and souvenir shops.


Movie: Macha Sweets

Japanese Souvenir/Craft/Antiques Shops/
Bingoya in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Shops at the Nakamise Shopping Arcade/Asakusa, Tokyo

Info. on Japanese Souvenir/Craft/Antiques Shops

Tax Free Shopping in Japan

In Japan, duty free shopping can be made for consumption tax
(Tax rate is 8 percent.), when meeting the following criterions.

1.Foreign visitors with the temporarily stay status
2.Diplomats/military personals
3.Purchasing of the general goods for amounting 5,000 yen and over at a shop
4.Purchasing of the consumable goods amounting 5,000 yen and over at a shop
 (within 500,000 yen)

 General goods:Home appliances, bags, shoes, watches, accessories, clothing ,etc
 Consumable goods: Food, beverages, liquor, cosmetics, tobacco, etc.

To make tax exemption, you have to show your passport.
The shop will affix a purchase proof document to your passport.
(This document will be collected by the Customs at th time of leaving Japan)

The consumable goods will be packed by the shop. So that you can not consume
the goods in Japan. If you consume it in Japan, you have to pay the consumption tax.

Goods purchased for businee and commercial purposes are not eligible for the
tax free program.

Please read carefully:
Tax-Free Procedures and Points/ Japan Tourism Agency/PDF

Shinjuku's Top 5 Recommended Electronics Stores for Tourists

Tax Free Shopping in Japan

Tax-Free Shopping in Japan

Search tax-free shops by prefecture

Tax Free Shopping in Japan /Duty Free Shops in Japan by Area

When you make tax free shopping, it is important to compare the
prices of the same appliances/products with those at discount shops.
The discount shops offer the discount rates of over 20-30 percent.
Also, electronic/electric appliance discount shops issue the
membership cards providing further 5-15 percent discount with
points. With the points you get, you can use for purchasing another

Warehouse shopping

Costco Japan, Kawasaki/044-270-1140, Open:10:00-20:00

Department Stores

Department Stores

Department stores in Japan: their structure analysis

Following chart is a typical floor arrangement for Japanese
department store.

6th floorDiscount sales/events/ restaurants
5th floorKitchen utensils/china wares
4th floorFurniture/bedclothes
3rd floorClothes/shoes for men
2nd floorClothes/shoes for women/ coffee shop
1st floorCosmetics/accessories/handbags
Basement floor Vegetables/fruits/meats/fish/cooked

Excellent sightseeing and convenient spot at department
stores in Japan: Foods floor on basement !

Foods floor of Japanese department stores is called as "Depachika" in Japan.
Chika means basement floor.
The foods floor is usually placed on the basement of department store building.
As shown with the department stores' floor chart above, you can find various
foods and drinks.
They include famous local foods in Japan.
Therefore, it is not necessary to travel all over Japan to experience local/
traditional foods, confectionary and Sake and other local drinks.
Some shops may provide you sample foods for tasting at free. Please try it!
Depachika is also a good place to buy lunch box.
Sometimes there may be local foods exhibition on the foods floor or on
exhibition floor.


How to save your money with the department stores in Japan

It is usual that Japanese department stores do not make discount for their
selling items. There are two wise methods to buy at discounted price at
the department stores.

First one is to have the department store's credit card. By showing the card,
you can have five percent discount for almost all items.
It is not necessary to pay with the credit card and this means that
you pay in cash by showing the department's credit card, you have
five percent discount. Ask for the card at the reception/information
desk on the first floor.

The second method is to buy at the time of discount sale.
Japanese department stores offer such sale on a regular basis during the year.
How to know their discount sales:
Refer to the advertisement paper being enclosed with the
house delivery newspaper
Refer to the advertisement on the newspaper
Visit the department store's Internet web site

Year-end and New Year's Shopping at Department Stores

They open until 31 December at Year-end and begin their business on 2 January.
Some department stores may close until 3 January.
Department stores sell Fukubukuro ( Lucky Bug ) which is a sealed shopping bug
containing clothes, bugs and accessories.
There may be Fukubukuro costing 3000, 5000 and 10000yen and usually
they may contain two or three times of value comparing the price you pay.
You can see a long line of Fukubukuro shoppers in the morning
of 2nd January. At the same time, department stores hold New Year's discount sale.

Department Stores Easily Accesible from Hiroo


Mitsukoshi, Ebisu
Located at : Ebisu Garden Place, 4-20-7, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Five minutes walk from the Ebisu Station, JR Yamanote Loop Line, Hibiya Line
Open: 11:00am-19:30pm
This Department Store is the most closest one to Hiroo.


Isetan Department Store, Shinjuku
Located at: 3-14-1,Shinjuu-ku, Tokyo
Two minutes from the Shinjuku Station, JR Yamanote Loop Line,
Marunouci Subway Line
Open: 10:00am-19:30pm

Isetan Dept. Store

Odakyu Department Store, Shinjuku
Located at: 1-1-3, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
On the Shinjuku Station

Keio Department Store, Shinjuku
Tel.: 3342-2111
Located at : 1-1-4, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
On the Shinjuku Station
Open: 10:00am-20:00pm


Mitsukoshi, Ginza
Located at : 4-6-16, Ginza, Chyuou-ku,Tokyo
At the crossing of Ginza-4-Chyome
One minute from the Ginza Station on the Hibiya Subway Line/ Ginza
Subway Line
Open: 10:00am-20:00pm

Matsuya, Ginza
Located at: 3-6-1, Ginza, Chyuou-ku,Tokyo
Two minutes walk from the Ginza Station on the Hibiya Subway Line/
Ginza Subway Line
Open: 10:00am-20:00pm

Department Stores in Ginza/ Phone Number, Business Hours with Map


Tokyu Department Store , Honten-main store
Tel.: 3477-3111
Located at : 2-24-1, Dogenzaka,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Five minutes walk from the Shibuya Station on the Yamanote Loop Line/
Ginza Subway Line
Open: 11:00am-20:00pm

Tokyu Department Store, Touyoko Store
Tel.: 3477-1111
Located at: 2-24-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
On the Shibuya Station on the JR's Yamanote Loop Line/Ginza
Subway Line, Denen-Toshi-Sen Line
Open: 10:00am- 21:00pm

Movie: YouTube

Fashion/Designer Boutiques & Teenage Fashion

Fashion/Designer Boutiques

Most accumulated locations of the designer boutiques and branch shops of
European and American designer boutiques are as follows:

Ginza area
Harajuku, Omotesando & Aoyama area
Marunouchi area

There are many branch shops of designer boutiques in department stores and
at shopping arcade of major hotels.

Japanese Designer Boutiques
Issei Miyake

Teenage Fashion

Shops of Japanese teenage fashion can be found at the
Takeshita-dori street in Harajuku and also in the
Shibuya 109 fashion building in Shibuya.
In front of the north exit of Harajuku Station, JR's Yamanote Loop
Line, is Takeshita-dori street.
The 109 is two minutes walk from Shibuya Station on the same loop line.
People say the fashion building as " Ich-maru-kyu."

Another Well-known Fashion Spots in Tokyo

You can find a lot of fashion/clothes shops in Shibuya.
PARCO buildings have many fashion shops.
It takes three minutes on foots to get PARCO from Shibuya Station.
In Harajuku, Laforet Harajuku is one of the most famous fashion
buildings in Tokyo. It has Laforet museum exhibition space in the building.
Laforet Harajuku is two minutes walk from Harajuku Station.

Where and when for buying brand goods

There are discount shops for imported brand clothes and other
goods and they sell such goods at 30-40 percent discount price
all the year around. The discount shops specializing in electronic/
electric appliances also sells the imported brand goods.

The most appropriate occasion for shopping the brand clothes and
other goods is the time of discount sale. Generally, the discount
sale is provided at three times in the year. Those are in spring (
March), in summer (August-September) and in winter (December-

Office Supply

Office supply can be bought at the office supply shops, such as Office DEPOT,
stationary shops, large book shops with the stationary section, department stores,
discount shops and supermarkets in Japan.
The most convenient one is the office supply shops on the Web.
The following are the leading shops in this business.
You can order with fax or through the Internet. They deliver the ordered
items next day or within 2-3 days.
The office supply shops on the Web sell general office supply and daily necessaries, including soft drinks, toilet papers, detergents, etc.
Printing papers for printers is very cheap at these shops.
They povide other services including name card printing and envelop printing.
It is possible to obtain the voluminous catalogue books of the shops at free
of charge.

ASKUL/Printing papers, office supplies, computer and its
supplies, office furnitures, uniforms, soft drinks,etc.
Fax: 0120-881-881

Forestway/Printing papers, office supplies, computer and its
supplies, office furnitures, uniforms, soft drinks,etc.
Fax: 0120-40-4006

Office DEPOT/Printing papers, office supplies
:order by telephon(0120-778-700) , Fax (0120-528-700),
through Internet web site (,
at stores

Shinbashi Store: 3551-0111
Open: 9:00-20:00, Closed on Sun.
Located at: two minutes walk from the Tranomon Subway
Station, Ginza Line

Price Survey for Office Stationary & Equipments
(Green colored letter shows its Japanese language)

Exchange rate: 1US$=117.6 yen/as of Dec.21, 2016
Exchange Rate Updated

Pencil(10, packaged ) 480yen, Enpitsu
Colored pencil (12 colors): 500yn, Iro-enpitsu
Ballpoint pen: 100-140yen, Ball-pen
Pencil sharpener: 1200yn, Enpitsu kezuri
Rule(30cm length): 100yen, Jiyoogi or monosashi
Color marker: 80-100yen, Calar marker
Eraser: 40-50yen, Keshigomu
Stapler(small size): 200yen, Hochikisu
Needles for stapler(1000 needles in a box): 50yen, Hochikisu-no-hari
Paper punch(small size):250yen, Panch
Envelop(regular size, 500envelops): 3000yen, Futou
Personal computer(Notebook, CPU:2.5GHz, 2GB, 320GB HDD)
): 50000yen-, Notebook pasokon
Personal computer(Desk top, CPU:2.8GHz, 2GB, 500GB HDD
with 19-inch display): 50000yen-, Desktop pasokon
Windows 7 Home Premium
(Japanese Version):20000yen, Same as English
Windows 8 Pro, Upgrade(Japanese Version):5000yen, Same as English
Microsoft Office 2010(Professional Edition): 45000yen, Same as English
Laser Printer: 25000-30000yen, Same as English
Color Ink-Jet Printer: 10000-30000yen, Same as English
Papers for Printer(2500 sheets): 3500-4000yen, Printer yoshi
Fax paper(6 roles): 700-1000yen, Same as English
MO Drive: 15000-20000yen, Same as English
CD-RW Drive: 17000-23000yen, Same as English
MO disks(640MB, 5 disks): 2000yen, MO Media or MO
CDR disks(700MB, 50 disks): 1600-2000yen, CDR
Digital Camera: 15000-50000yen, Same as English
Computer Mouse: 800-3500yen, Mause
LAN Cable(10m length): 1300yen, Same as English
Time Recorder: 23000-35000yen, Same as English

Office Desk: 13000-30000yen, Tsukue
Office Chair: 5000-15000yen, Isu
Cabinet: 10000-20000yen, Same as English
Meeting Table: 20000-30000yen, Kaigi zukue
Book self: 13000-30000yen, Hondana
Steel Rack (Height: 1800mm, Width: 1200mm):13000-15000yen,
Suchiru rack
Wall Clock: 3000-10000yen, Kabekake tokei

Japanese Souvenir/Japanese Crafts/Antiques
Traditional Japanese Souvenir/Japanese Crafs/Antiques

Typical Japanese Souvenir
English nameJapanese nameShops to get
Hand fan Sensu, Ohgi
(Two types)
Sense/Ohgi shops
Folkcrafts shops
Department stores
Some supermarkets
Some discount shops
Japanese paperWashi Stationary shops
Washi & paper products shop
Folkcrafts shop
Department stores
FolkcraftsMingei-hin Folkcrafts shops
Large stationary shops
DollNingyo Japanese doll shops
Folkcrafts shop
Department stores
Woodblock prints/
Ukiyoe Ukiyoe shops
Japanese art gallery
Antiques shops
Department stores
Ceramics/PotteryTojiki, Yakimono Ceramics/Pottery shops
Antiques shops
Folkcrafts shops
Department stores
Discount shops
TowelTenugui, Taoru Towel shops
Folkcrafts shops
Department stores
Discount shops
KimonoKimono Kimono shops
Department stores
Discount shops
Large supermarkets
Comb, wood madeKushi Kushi shop
Folkcrafts shop
Department stores
Discount shops
Rice CrackerSenbei/Okaki Senbei shops
Japanese confectionary shops
Department stores
Convenience stores
Discount shops
Popular Japanese Souvenir at Akihabara

Used Personal Computer
Japanese Doll
Electric Rice Cooker
Digital Camera
Earphone for Music Player
Portable Game Player

Kitchenwares at Kappbashi Street

BUNSENDO/Sensu Fans/Asakusa
Tel: 03-3844-9711
Located at: 1-20-2, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Open: 10:30-18:00

KYOSENDO/Sensu Fans/Ningyo-cho
Tel: 03-3669-0046
Located at: 2-4-3, Nihonbashi-Nibgyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open: 10:00-19:00

Paper products
Kyukyodo/Paper products, Scent/Ginza
Tel.: 3571-4429
Open: 10:00-19:30
Located at: 5-7-4, Ginza, Cyuou-ku,Tokoy
One minutes walk from Ginza Subway Station, Ginza Line,
Hibiya Line
Post cards, hand funs and other Japanese traditional items

Antique Mall Ginza /Antique/Ginza
Tel.: 3535-2115
Open: 11:00-19:00 Closed on Wed.
Located at: 1-20-15, Ginza, Chuouku, Tokyo
Five minutes walk from Ginza Subawy Station, Ginza Line,
Hibiya Line
Along the Shyowa-Dori Avenue
Japanese and western antiques

Tel.: 3202-8778
Open:10:00-19:00, Closed on Mon.
Located at: 10-6, Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Two minutes walk from the Wakamatsu-Kawada Subway Station,
Oedo Line
Japanese crafts, china wares, traditional clothes,etc.

GALLERY /Falkcrafts/Minami-Aoyama
Tel.: 3403-8515
Open: 10:00-19:00, Closed on Thu.
Located at: 4-20-19,Minami-Aoyama,Minato-ku, Tokyo
Five minutes walk from Omotesando Subway Station
Japanese crafts, clothes, china wares, lacquer ware, Japanese
papers, bamboo crafts, etc.

Ginza Ito-Ya /Japanese papers (Washi),
Japanese paper crafts/Ginza
Tel.: 3561-8311
Open: 10:00-19:00
Located at: 2-7-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Three minutes from Ginza Subway Station, Ginza Line,
Hibiya Line
Japanese papers (Washi), Japanese paper crafts, paper dolls

Washi/Paper made in Japan
Yamagataya-Kamiten/Japanese papers (Washi)/
Open: 101:00-18:00
Located at: 2-17, Jinbo-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Two minutes walk from Jinbo-cho Subway Station,
Toei Shinjuku Line

Tips: Washi

Japanese crafts
Oriental Bazaar /Japanese papers, Japanese crafts,
Ceramics/ Harajuku
Tel.: 3400-3933
Open: 9:30-18:30, Closed on Thu.
Located at: 5-9-13, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Four minutes from Harajuku Station, JR Yomanote Loop Line
Three minutes from Omotesando Subway Station, Ginza Line
Chiyoda Line
Japanese papers, Japanese crafts, Ceramics, Kimono wares
Japanese antiques, etc.

FUJI-TORII /Japanese crafts, Ceramics,Japanese
Tel.: 3400-2777
Open: 11:00-18:00, Closed on Tue.
Located at:6-1-10, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Three minutes from Harajuku Station, JR Yomanote Loop Line
Next to Kiddy Land
Japanese paintings, Japanese crafts, Ceramics,Japanese antiques

Japanese dolls
KYUGETSU/Japanese doll shop/ Asakusabashi
Located at: 1-20-4, Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Two minutes walk from Asakusabashi Station, JR Soubu Line

Tosyusai/Ukiyoe shop/Kanda-jimbo-cho
Open: 11:00-19:00
Located at: 1-6, Jinbo-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Two minutes walk from Jimbo-cho Subway Station,
Toei Shinjuku Line
Providing Internet shopping

SAKAI KOKODO Gallery/Ukiyoe shop/Ginza
Tel.: 03-3591-4678
Located at: 1-2-14, Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Three minutes walk from Ginza Subway Station, Marunouchi
Providing Internet shopping

Gallery Sobi/Ukiyoe shop/Shinbashi
Tel.: 03-3571-1156
Located at: 1-11-4 Shinbashi,Minato-ku, Tokyo
Three minutes walk from Shinbashi Station,
JR Yamanote Loop Line

SAIRAKUDO/Ukiyoe shop/Ueno
Tel.: 03-3833-0024
Located at: 1-18-11, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Three minutes walk from Ueno-hirokoji Subway Station,
Ginza Line

YONOYA/Kushi,Comb shop/Asakusa
Tel.: 03-3844-1755
Open: 10:00-18:00
Located at: 1-37-10, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Three minutes walk from Ginza Subway Station, Marunouchi


Kimono Suzunoya/Kimono shop/Ueno
Tel.: 03-3833-1001
Open: 10:00-20:00
Located at: 1-20-11, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Two minutes walk from Ueno-horokoji Subway Station,
Ginza Line

TANSU-YA/Used Kimono shop/Available cheap Kimono

Ginza Branch Shop:
Tel: 03-3561-8529
Open: 11:00-20:00
Located at:3-4-5, Ginza, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Roppongi Branch Shop:
Tel: 03-3470-1529
Open: 11:00-21:00
Located at:3-11-10, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Shinjuku Branch Shop:
Tel: 03-3567-1084
Open: 10:00-21:00
Located at:SUBNADE 1, 1 chome, Kabukicho,Shinjuku-ku,

Tips on Kimono

Kimono is generally expensive and it has to be worn with Obi (
wide belt worn with Kimono),Tabi (Japanese one toed socks )
and Geta or Zori ( Japanese footwares).
For waring formal Kimono, you will ware the above mentioned
Obi, Tabi and Geta(wood made footware)/Zori (straw or leather
made sandals). Do not wear Kimono with western footwares.
When you wear Yukata, informal Kimono for after bathing and
at home, you do not wear Tabi and appropriate footware is Geta.

Inexpensive Kimono can be bought at large supermarkets,
discount stores and Kimono shops/department stores at the
time of discount sale. Also there are used Kimono shops.
Kimono costs at minimum 20,000-30,000yen.
A complete set of Kimono and its accessories, including Obi,
Tabi and Geta or Zori, is available and it costs 40,000-

Yukata(cotton made) is cheaper than silk made Kimono.
Yokata is worn after bathing at home and at Ryokan, Japanese
Inn. (After checking in Ryokan or Japanese hotels, people usually
change into Yukata.)
At home, it is usually worn in summer for attending summer festivals
and events.(Tips:Yukata)

Method in wearing Kimono for men and women is not the same.
If you are a woman, you put the right side outer.
Women's Kimono is decorative in color and design and those for
men is less decorative and blue, black or gray in color.

Except for ceremonial occasions, such as, New Year, Coming of Age
Day, wedding party, Japanese young women no longer wear Kimono.

It is not easy to wear Kimono and Obi, accordingly young women
go to school to learn it. The name of the schools is " Kitsuke
Kyoshitsu." Young women who do not go to such schools may
learn it from mother or grand mother.

Nihon Wasou/Kitsuke Kyoshitsu

Site: Japanese Kimono/JP NET Kimono Hypertext/

Tips: Kimono

Japanese food as souvenir

Senbei/Rice Cracker

Rice cracker which is called "Senbei" in Japanese is one of the
recommendable Japanese souvenirs. Because, it lasts long and
it is good both for kids and adults. Senbei which is packed in
plastic bag can be bought at Senbei shops, supermarkets,
convenience stores and department stores(foods section on the
basement). There are various kinds of Senbei with different
taste. It can be classified into two groups: one is soy sauce taste
and other is sweet one(sprinkled with sugar ). We enjoy Senbei as
confectionary and also as relish of liquors.

According to the various resources, the following souvenirs are
ranked highly.

KitKat chocolate with Matcha(Green Tea) flavour

Where to buy: Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Discount Shops
Souvenir Shops at Airport

Senbei(Rice Cracker)
Where to buy: Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Discount Shops,
Souvenir Shops at Airport, Rice Cracker Shops

Most popular Senbei: Kabukiage(208yen per bag)

Food Sample

Where to buy:Kappabashi Street, Tokyo,
Loft(Sibuya, Ginza)

Stationary Goods

Where to buy:Stationary Shops(Itoya, Ginza, Shibuya),
Loft(Shibuya, Ginza), Discount Shops, Convenience Store

 20 Souvenirs You Should Buy in Tokyo
 30 Must-Buy Souvenirs at Narita Airport
Japanese Souvenir Popularity Ranking

20 Kyoto souvenirs you should definitely buy

Buy Wine in Tokyo

Wine Shops in Tokyo

You can buy wine at following places in Tokyo.
The price of wine depends on the brand and production year.
Generally for daily use, the imported wines are in the price
range between 1500-2000yen. You can have 800-900yen wines
at discount shops.

Wine shops
Discount shops
Liquor shops
Liquor discount shops
Department stores
Convenience stores
Wine shops on the web

Among of these shops, you can buy wines at discount
price at supermarkets, discount shops and liquor
discount shops. To pick out your favourite wine among
various brands of wine stock, you may go to wine shops
or large supermarkets.

Wine Shops in Tokyo

Cave de Re-Lux/ Toranomon/ in English
Tel.: 03-3595-3597
Located at: 1-6-11, Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Two minutes walk from Toranomon Subway Station,
Ginza Line
Open: 11:00-20:00

Wine Market Party/ Ebisu Garden Place
Tel.: 03-5424-2580
Located at: Basement floor, Ebisu Garden Place,
4-20-7, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Five minutes walk from Ebisu Station, JR Yamanote Loop Line,
Hibiya Subway Line
Open: 11:00-21:00

Ginzaya-Saketen/ Ginza
Located at: 4-3-4, Ginza, Chyuo-ku, Tokyo
Three minutes walk from Ginza Subway Station, Ginza Line,
Marunouchi Line
Open: 11:00-19:00, Close on Sun.

ENOTECA /Minami-Azabu, Ginza, Roppongi
(See Wine Shops in Hiroo & Roppongi Area)

Ginza Winax/Ginza
Germen wines

Vin sur Vin/Toranomon
Tel: 03-3580-6578
Located at: 1-7-6, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
One minute walk from Tranomon Station,
Ginza Subway Line
Open: 9:30-19:30

Tokyo Department Stoer-Honten/Shibuya
Tel: 03-3477-3111
Located at: 2-24-1, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Five minutes walk from Shibuya Station, JR Yamanote
Loop Line, Ginza Subway Line
Open: 11:00-20:00

Wine Shops in Hiroo/Azabu/Roppongi Area

Wine shop
ENOTECA (Minami-Azabu)
Tel.: 3445-3678
Open: 11:00-20:00
Located at: 2nd Floor, Arisugawa-West, 5-14-15,
Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Two minutes walk from Hiroo Subway Station,
Hibiya Line

ENOTECA (Roppongi Hills, Roppongi)/JPN Site
Tel.: 5786-7706
Open: 11:00-21:00
Located at: 6-12-13, Roppongi. Minato-ku, Tokyo
Keyaki-dori Avenue
Two minutes walk from Roppongi Subway Station,
Hibiya Line

Vinos Yamazaki (Hiroo)
Tel.: 5789-7701
Open: 11:00-23:00
Located at: 5-4-14, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
One minute walk from Hiroo Subway Station,
Hibiya Line, Beside the Hiroo-bashi Crossing

National Azabu Supermarket/Minami-Azabu
MEIDI-YA/ in the Hiroo Plaza(1st floor)
MEIDI-YA/ Roppongi

Buy alcoholic beverages and soft drinks

You can buy alcoholic beverages and soft drinks at discount
price at the following shops. Don't buy expensive one.

Discount shops/general discount shops, liquor discount shops
Drug stores

There are beverages discount shops providing delivery services.

When you are living here, you can ask delivery service for
soft drinks to the office supply companies at discount price.
(But it is expensive than discount shops.)

At the following places, they sell them at regular price.

Department stores (on the basement floor)
Convenience stores
Vending machines on the street

Price Comparison
Price comparison for a bottle of soft drink, 500ml:
(regular price: 150yen)
at discount shop(most cheapest): 110yen
at drug store: 110yen
at supermarket: 130yen
at department store: 150yen
at convenience store: 150yen
at Kiosk in the station: 150yen
with soft drink vending machine on the street: 150yen

Tips for buying beverages: Please make sure the expiration date
for drinking which is printed on the lavel of bottle or bottom
of the can.

Soft Drinks/ 110yen per bottle, 500ml

You can buy bottled soft drinks, coffee and tea(both green and red
tea). Buy it at discount shops and drug stores. You can save 40-45
yen per bottle there. When you buy it with vending machine you pay
150yen for the same bottle.

Buying Sake:

There are many Sake production areas in Japan.
You can buy Sake at Sake shops, department stores, supermarkets, and
convenience stores. If you wish to have excellent Sake, you may visit
Sake shop or department store's food section.

Nada Sake Brewery

Buy cigarette in Japan

You can buy cigarette at cigarette shops and with cigarette vending
Cigarette smoking is prohibited for the age less than 20 in Japan.
Cigarette vending machines are used to sell cigarette and there are
no age verifying procedures with the bending machines in the past.
After March 2008, the cigarette vending machines have the
age verifying mechanisms using IC card called " taspo."
Smokers must apply in order to receive 'taspo' to the issuing
Any residents in Japan aged 20 or older may apply for taspo.
See for the detailed information on the following website.

Without taspo, smokers obtain cigarette at cigarette shops.


Anime Store

more movies on qnime stores

LOFT -Stationery in Japan/Movie

Tokyo Price Survey

Price Survey for Daily Life Items (Unit: yen)
and how to say it in Japanese
(Green colored letter shows its Japanese language)
Exchange rate: 1US$=101.25 yen/as of Feb.4, 2014

Pencil(10, packaged ) : 480yen ,Enpitsu
Ballpoint pen: 100-140yen, Ball-pen
Envelop(10 in a bag): 100-125yen, Futou
Notebook(5 in a bag): 300-500yen, Note
Paste(22g.): 120-130yen, Nori
Scissors : 300-1000yen, Hasami
Battery cell (Alkaline, type 3): 700-800yen, Kandenchi
Electronic calculator: 500-2000yen, Dentaku

Chewing gum(a package): 105-120yen, Gamu
Beer(Bottled, 633ml): 300yen, Biiru
Beer(Canned, 250ml): 150-250yen, Kan-biiru
Draft beer: 400-500yen, Nama-biiru
Bread: 120-200yen, Pan
Telephone call (in the city): 10yen (per call, three minutes), Denwa-dai
Cellular phone (monthly basic charge): 3000-5000yen, Keitai
Train/subway fare: 150-160yen (at minimum), Denshya dai, Chikatetsu
Bus fare: 210yen(at minimum, in Tokyo), Basu-dai or Bus-ryokin
Taxi fare: 410yen(for first 1 km, in Tokyo.), Taxi-dai or Taxi ryokin
Gasoline( 1 liter, regular): 157 yen, Gasoline, Gasoline-dai

Sack coat: 10000-20000yen, Sebiro
Sack coat(well-known brand, imported) : 50000-100000yen,
Dry-cleaning for a shirt: 200yen, Shatsu-cleaning-dai
Dry-cleaning for a sack coat: 1000-1500yen, Sebiro-cleaning -dai
Socks (a pare): 500-1000yen, Socks
Lipstick: 1000-3000yen , Kuchibeni
Powder foundation:2000-3000yen, Foundation
Eye shadow:2000-3000yen, Eye shadow
Tooth brash : 130-150yen, Haburashi

Mcdonald's Hamburger(regular): 100yen , Hamburger Set: 525yen
, Hamburger,Hamburger Set
KFC( 6 pieces with French fry pack): 1380yen, Fried chicken set
Lunch: 500-1000yen, Lunch
Box lunch: 400-1000yen, Bento
Pizza(M-size, delivery): 1400-2300yen, Pizza
Canned coffee: 110-120yen, Kan-coffee
Bottled soft drinks(500ml.): 120-150yen, Pet bottle soft drink
Milk (a pack, 1000ml.):170-210yen, Gyunyu pack
Yogurt(500g.): 150-200yen, Yoguruto
Butter (200g.): 250-300yen, Batter
Mayonnaise (500g.) : 200-300yen, Mayoneizu

Apple (4 pieces in season): 560yen, 780yen(summer time,
out of season), Ringo
Japanese Pear (4 pieces, in season): 580yen, Nashi
Tomato (4 pieces,medium size): 300-390yen, Tomato
Cucumber(4 pieces, in season): 200-300yen, Kyuri
Egg (a pack, 12pieces ): 200-300yen, Tamago
Radish: 100-150(in season)yen, 300yen(out of season), Daikon
Soybean card(Tofu): 100-150yen, Tofu
Flour powder (in a paper bag, 1 kg.) :180yen, Komugiko
Strawberry jam( bottled, 170 g.): 200-300yen, Ichigo-jam
Salad oil (1000ml.): 300-400yen, Salada oiru or salada abura
Spaghetti (1kg.): 250-350yen, Spaghetti
Rice(in a bag, 5 kg., domestic) :1500-4000yen, Kome or Okome
Beef meat (sliced, 100 g. ,domestic) :300-500yen, Gyuniku
Australian beef, for steak (100g.) 250yen, Australia Steaki-niku
Pork meat (sliced, 100 g.,domestic) :200yen, Buta-niku

Ramen noodle (a bowl, at Ramen restaurant): 600-800yen, Ramen
Ramen noodle (in a cup, for quick preparation): 125-200yen,
Instant ramen
Instant coffee(250g. bottle): 600yen, Instant cohhee

Apartment rent per month(one bed room with bath):
70000 (residence area)-130000(central part of Tokyo)yen, Yachin

Video/DVD rental charge (one night): 350-400yen, Video rental-dai
Internet provider service charge (ADSL/50Mbps, one month):
2500-3000yen, Probaider-ryokin

Newspaper (Japanese): 130yen per copy (monthly charge 3925yen with
delivery ), Shinbun
Newspaper (English): 150yen per copy (monthly charge 3925yen with
delivery ), Eiji-shinbun
Weekly Magazine: 320yen, Shukanshi
Monthly Magazine : 550-900yen, Gekkanshi
A copy of novel (hard cover, book): 2000-2500yen, Tankoubon

Tour to Hakone-hot spring experience (one night, with dinner
and breakfast): 27000-30000yen, Tour-ryokin
Tour to Nikko (one day with lunch): 9000-14000yen, Tour-ryokin
Rent-a-car/ 24 hours, Sedan,1500CC: 9450yen, Renta-car

Personal computer(Notebook, CPU:2.5GHz, 2GB, 320GB HDD)
): 50000yen-, Notebook pasokon
Personal computer(Desk top, CPU:2.8GHz, 2GB, 500GB HDD
with 19-inch display): 50000yen-, Desktop pasokon
Windows 7 Home Premium(Japanese Version):20000yen, Same as English
Windows 8 Pro, Upgrade(Japanese Version):5000yen, Same as English
Microsoft Office 2010(Professional Edition): 45000yen, Same as English
Laser Printer: 25000-30000yen, Same as English
Color Ink-Jet Printer: 10000-40000yen, Same as English
Scanner: 8000-20000yen, Same as English
Fax: 15000-20000yen, Same as English
MO Drive: 15000-20000yen, Same as English
CD-RW Drive: 17000-23000yen, Same as English
MO disks(640MB, 5 disks): 2000yen, MO Media or MO
CDR disks(700MB, 50 disks): 1600-2000yen, CDR
USB Memory (16GB): 1500yen, Same as English

Video Game Player: Nintendo Wii: 25000yen, Nintendo Wii
Video Game Software for Nintendo Wii: 4800-7000yen,
Nintendo Wii soft
Video Game Player: Nintendo DS Lite: 20000yen, Nintendo DS Lite
Video Game Player/Play Station 2: 17000-18000yen, Play Station 2
Video Game Player/Play Station 3: 49980yen, Play Station 3
Video Game Software for Play Station 2/3: 3000-7000yen,
Play Station 2/3 soft

Washing Machine : 20000-110000yen, Sentakuki
TV set (Digital, 32 inches, color): 38000yen, 32 inch color terevi
iPod Shuffle: 9800yen, iPod Shuffle
MP3 Player: 8000-18000yen (with IGB memory: 15000yen), MP3 Player
Digital Video Camera(HDD): 40000-80000yen, Digital Video Camera
Micro Oven: 6000-100000yen, Denshi renji
Coffee Maker: 3000-15000yen, Coffee Maker
Refrigerator : 20000-200000yen, Reizouko
Air Conditioner : 40000-190000yen, Aircon
Cleaner : 5000-35000yen, Soujiki
Iron : 2500-13000yen, Airon
Hair Drier : 3000-5500yen, Hair Drier
Radio: 2000-10000yen, Rajio
Digital Camera: 15000-50000yen, Digital Camera or deji-kame
Video tape(120 minutes, 10 tapes): 1600-2000yen, Video tape
DVD Disk (for movie, 50 disks): 2500-3900yen,
DVD Disk gazo-rokuga-yo
DVD(HDD) Recorder: 40000-100000yen, DVD Recorder
(with digital tuner, 250GB HDD: 64000yen)
DVD Soft(movie): 1500-3800yen, Eiga DVD soft
Watch(SEIKO): 8000yen-, Tokei
Pastic bags for garbage (100 bags): 700yen, Gomibukuro
Towel for daily use(5 towels): 400-500yen, Taoru
Toilet paper(a bag containg 12 roles): 250-500yen, Toilet paper
Mothball(400g.): 400-500yen, Bouchu-zai
Plaster(BAND-AID, 50 sheets): 350yen, Band-aid or Bansokou
Dishwashing detergent(600ml.): 250yen, Syokki-yoo-senzai
Bathwashing detergent(400ml.): 350-400yen, Furo-yoo-senzai

Hair Cut(complete course for adult man): 3800-4000yen, Sanpatsu
Hair Cut(quick service for adult man): 1000-1500yen, Sanpatsu

Water supply charge (including sewage charge, 80 cubic meters use
for 2 month): 24000yen, in Tokyo, Suido-ryokin
Electricity supply charge (1000kwh use per month): 21000yen,


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