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Tokyo Sky Tree at night


Tips for Shopping in Tokyo/Japan
Department Stores
Department Store's Floor Analysis
Foods Floor of Department Store
How to save your money at Dept. store
Department Stores Easily Accessible from Hiroo
Dept. Stores in Ginza with Map
Dept Stores in Shinjuku with Map
Fashion/Designer Boutiques
Office Supply
Tax Free Shopping
Price Survey for Office
Japanese Souvenir/Japanese Crafts/Antiques
Japanese confectionay/Macha
Duty free shops at Akihabara
Kappabashi street/kitchen goods
Buy Watch & Battery Replacement
Buy Wine in Tokyo
Buy Liquor & Soft Drinks
Buy Cigarette inJapan
How to use vending machines in Japan
Price Comparison for a Soft Drink
Buy Kimono and Tips
Buy Video Game Players/Softwares
Exploring anime/figure/toy stores with movie

Tokyo Price Survey for Basic
Living Items/Price with Japanese


Supermarkets in Japan/in Tokyo
Supermarkets in Hiroo
Supermarkets near Hiroo
Supermarket with huge items
Pictures of Supermarkets
Supermarket with radiation free foods


How to get discount sales information?

Portal Sites on Japan/Tokyo

News/What is happening in

Travel/Japan Guide

Buy Ticket/Booking
Travel Agencies in Tokyo
Travel Agencies with Eng. Staff
Travel Agencies in Hiroo
Tokyo Sight Seeing Tour Service
Internet Sites on Travel in Japan
Travel Information on Japan
Hotel Search and Booking
Travel to Kyoto
Restaurants/Bars in Kyoto
Staying at typical/traditional Japanese inn in Kyoto
Staying at temple's lodging
facility in Kyoto
Traditional Sweets in Kyoto
Menu of typical breakfast at Japanese inn
Kyoto Related Web Sites
Travel to Kamakura
Travel to Hakone
Travel to Mount Fuji
Hiking to Takaosan(Mt. Takao)
How to Enjoy Hot Spring (Onsen)
Onsen Inns with Rotenburo
Charges for Tours to Famous Sightseeing/Hot Spring Resorts
Visit to Japanese Castles
Famous Temples in Tokyo
Viewing Cherry Blossoms
Monet's Pond in Seki City
Visit to Traditional Japan
Visit to Tsukiji Fish Market
Exploring anime/figure/toy stores with movie
Cat Cafe
Hot springs bathing by monkeys

New Sightseeing Spot:Tokyo Sky Tree



Restaurants in Tokyo,in Japan
Selcetd Restaurants in Central Tokyo
Selected restaurants in Other Areas in Tokyo
Italian Dish
French Dish
Western Dish
Japanese Dish
Soba Noodle
Tonkatsu(Deep Fried Pork)
Japanese Bars
Chinese Dish
Ramen Noodle
Korean Roast Meat
Curry and Rice

Japanese Tavern:Way of having party at Izakaya
Usual menu at Izakaya
Popular Multiple Japanese Taverns (Izakaya)
The Traditional Izakaya
Authentic Bars

Ginza Restaurant Guide with Map
Hiroo/Azabu Restaurant
Guide with Map
Roppongi Restaurant Guide
with Map
Azabu-Juban Restaurant
Guide with Map
Aoyama/Harajuku Restaurant Guide with Map
Akasaka Restaurant Guide with Map
Shinjuku Restaurant Guide with
Shibuya Restaurant Guide with Map
Shirokane Restaurant Guide with Map
Kagurazaka Restaurant Guide with Map
Asakusa Restaurant Guide
Akihabara Restaurant Guide with Map
Ueno/Yushima Restaurant Guide with Map
Tsukiji with Map

Foods/Meals and Related Customs/
Cakes/Japanese Cooking

Eating Cheap in Tokyo/Japan
Fast Foods in Japan
Fast Food Shops in Hiroo
Sushi Guide
How to eat Sushi
Sushi Restaurants in Hiroo
Soba Noodle Guide
Soba Noodle Restaurants in Hiroo
Information on Sake
How to enjoy Japanese formal dinner course(Kaiseki)
Manner of Japanese formal dining
Hashi : Chopsticks
Wise/economical way of eating and drinking
Sanitory of Japanese Foods
Cakes/Sweets Shops
Japanese Confectionary/Sweets
Usual menu at Japanese sweet shops
Japanese Lunch Box
Domestic Fruits
Japanese Cooking
Recipes of Japanese Dish

Daily Life Tips

Average Temperature/Climate in Tokyo
Weather Forecast & Warning
Water Supply-Tap Water
Covenience Stores in Hiroo/Azabu
Convenience Stores in Japan
Internet Sites on Travel/Living in Japan
National Holidays in Japan
Business Hours
Garbage/Trash Collection Services
Laundry Services
Size of Clothing for Women
Buy Underwears
Hair cut & Beauty parlor
Clothes Repare Services
Newspaper Delivery Services
Major Newspapers in Japan
Huge Collection of Tools, Goods/Do-it yourself Shop
Book Shops-Imported Books
Devlop & Print Photograph
House Cleaning Services
House Repair/Reform Services
Trouble with Keys(Locksmith)
Electric/Electronic Appliances/Personal Computers
Use of Toilet in Town/How to Use Japanese Style Toilet
Taking your photograph
Making copies
Sending fax
Public Bath House/Sento & Super Sento


Festivals in Japan
Festivals in Tokyo
Fireworks/Other Events
Tokyo Disney Land
Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Olympic 2020

Japanese Customs

Year-end/New Year Customs
Bon Festival
Japanese Wedding

Hotels/Japanese Inns/Entertainment

Hotels in Tokyo & Japan
Hotels easily accessible from Hiroo
Accommodations for Long-term Use
Japanese Inns and Their Systems
Japanese Inn Experience in Tokyo
Type of Japanese Accommodations
Hotel Search/Ticket Booking
Budget Hotels in Tokyo/in Japan
Backpackers' Hotel in Tokyo
Hotels in Ginza with Map
Hotels in Roppongi with Map
Hotels in Shinjuku with Map
Favorite Jazz Spots
Entertainment & Nightlife in Tokyo(18 & over)
Restaurant with Show
Authorized Gambling in Japan

Museums for Japanese Arts in Tokyo
Web Master's Recommended Museums
Ukiyoe Museum on the Web

Japanese Gardens/Parks

Japanese Gardens/Parks in Japan
Worthy-To-Visit Parks in Tokyo
Flower Gardens/Spots in
Arisugawanomiya Park with

Movie: Cherry Blossoms Blizzard

Foods Delivery Services

Foods Delivery Services in Japan
Pizza & Pasta
Chinese Dish
Western and Japanese Dish
Japanese Dish

Other Delivery Services
Dry-cleaning & Other Services

Delevery Services for

Medical/Health Services

Health Care Services for Tokyo Residents
Medical Centers in Hiroo Area
Health/Medical Services in Japan
Medical Care facilities/Organizations with English Speaking Staffs
Medical Resources in Japan
Health Insurance for Visitors
Obtain Medical Drugs
Dengue Fever Outbreak in Tokyo
Fitness Clubs/Sports Clubs
Esthetics Saloons

Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Radiation free life in Tokyo


Fire works & Ambulance
Medical/Health Help
Health/Medical Services in Japan
Response to SARS
Warning for your protection

Public Services

Immigration/Stay in Japan

Change in Alien Registration

Embassies & Consulates in Japan
Web Sites on JPN Govt Offices
Public Health Services
Medical Resources in Japan
Electricty/Gas/Water Supply
Word Office Covering the Hiroo/Azabu Area
Living in Minato-City-full of useful information for visitors
Consultation services for visitors

Links to Ministries & Other Organizations

Monet's Pond/Movie

International Schools in Tokyo

Learning Japanese Language/Conversation
Display Japanese Characters on
English Windows with Your PC

Useful Japanese Phrases for Travel/Daily Life

Manners & Etiquette in Japan
(Business, Table Manner)

Shipping/Moving/Mail Services

Shipping Services
International Shipping Services
International Moving Services
Mail/Postal Services

Video/DVD Rental Services/Movie/

Video/DVD Rental Services in Japan
Video/DVD Rental Shops in Roppongi/Azabu
Movie Theaters/Roadshow Info.

Japanese Culture

Japanese Traditional Culture
Tea & Tea Ceremoney
Flower Arrangement
Kabuki & Theaters
Noh, Kyogen & Theaters
Bunraku & Theater
Museums in Tokyo
Ceramics/Pottery Shops/Related Information
Tenugui (Hand Towel)
Furoshiki(Wrapping Cloth)

Libraries in Japan

Animal Cafe in Japan

Computer & Its Repair
Internet Provider Services/TV/Telephone Services/Mail Services

Computer & Its Repair Services
Internet Service Providers
Internet Cafe
Use of WiFi in Japan
TV/Bilingual Operation
Cable Television Services
Telephone Services
Telephone Directory in English
Use of SIM Cards in Japan
Postal Services

Sports Clubs in Japan

Traditional Sports in Japan

Real Estate/Apartment
Maps for information
provided at this site

Shinjuku Map
Shinjuku Restaurant Guide Map
Shibuya & Ebisu Map
Hiroo Map
Hiroo Restaurant Guide Map
Ginza Restaurant Guide Map
Ginza Hotel/Dept.Store Map


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