This CD for Windows contains the companies/firms for the design and
manufacturing of molds for injection molding machines in Japan, and the
listed number of companies and firms/branch offices is 8,869.

The 2013 edition contains the e-mail address list data for the design and
manufacturing companies of mold in Japan. (over 1,400 companies and factories)

The 2013 edition also provides the FAX numbers list data for the design and manufacturing
companies in Japan.(over 1,900 companies and factories)

See the photograph of the CD and sample of the contents of the CD.

The types of data format which are available with the CD are as follows and they facilitate
the CD data to be used with various kinds of personnal computer softwares, such as, word
processors, database softwares, Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet softwares.

Note: Your PC on which you will process the data files must facilitate the Japanese
language (Japanese FEP), because the CD data files are prepared in Japanese

The CD provides the following types of the directory list data.

Text data & CSV data
for word processors/database & other PC softwares
Microsoft Excel data
for Excel 97/2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016
E-mail address data/csvfor major e-mail softwares

With the 2018 edition of this CD, a list of companies/firms for the design and manufacturing of molds for
injection molding machines having branch offices and firms overseas is provided additionally.

Price of the CD:

50,000 yen plus consumer tax(8 %), 54,000yen per copy.

(For sending it to overseas, international shipping charge of 2,500 yen will be added.)

Download English Catalogue

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  Catalogue , PDF

Method for the Order

1.This CD can not be obtained through book stores/PC shops.
2.You thus are kindly requested to order directly to our company by mail, fax or e-mail.
3.The detailed method of payment will be notified after having the order.
4.As for the order being made in Japan, payment will be made through the Postal Giro Service
of the Japan Postal Services. You will get a Postal Giro Form at the nearby Post Office and then fill in the form.
5.Information to be filled in the Postal Giro Form

5-1. Postal Giro Account Number: 00100-9-132488

5-2. Postal Giro Account Name:Goshi-Kaisya Kanagata-Tsushin-Sya


Amount to be Sent: 50,000 yen plus consumer tax 8% , 4,000yen

Price per copy of the CD is 54,000 yen

5-4. Name and Address of the Company, Person Concerned, Telephone & Fax Numbers

5-5. Name of the CD being Ordered and Number of Copies

6.As for the domestic mailing(shipping) charges, it is included in the above price.
For the order from overseas, it is kindly requested to afford 2,500yen as the international
shipping charges.

Method of payment for international order: Please use the bank indicated below.

6-1. Method of payment for international order
Name of the bank: MIZUHO Bank (SWIFT Code: MHBKJPJT), Setagaya Branch
Account No.: 1187809(Ordinary saving account)
Name of the account: Godokaisya-Kanagata-Tsushin-Sya

6-2. Amount to be sent

Price per copy of the CD : 54,000 yen

International shipping charge: 2,500yen
Total amount to be sent: 56,500 per copy

7.Order form: Please use the form(PDF) and send by Fax(81-3-5447-1651).

8.Your inqury about the CD and order will be addressed to:

Publication Department, Kanagata-Tsushin-Sya Company
Zip Code 106-0047
5-15-6, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Telephone: 03-5447-1651, from overseas: 81-3-5447-1651
Fax.:03-5447-1651, from overseas: 81-3-5447-1651
E-mail: 弊社へのメールはこちらから

User's Page:

Please click here and to log in the web page use the ID and Password written on the manual attached

to the CD.

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